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TREES Exhibit Poster

"A Poster for our TREES Exhibit"

Karen Leslie Hall


David Hale - Satellite Exhibit


Marielle Simzer

"Bakea of the Autumn"

Doug Gifford - Photographs


Jerry Vis

"Birch Window Box"

Debbi Burns Morrison


Erin Greenwood

"Deep Rooted"

Brian Donnelly

"Gananoque Ecotone"

Pat Lalonde

"Homage to the Stanley Park Storm"

Winona Ellott-Schep

"Icon: Tree of Life"

Taegan Ferguson


Doug Gifford - Music

"O Gananoque"

David Hale

"Smoulder" & "Lonesome"

Jody Pilon

"Spring Clean Up"

Karen Leslie Hall - Satellite Exhibit


Calder Schweitzer

"St. Lawrence Sunset"

Su Halle

"The Mycelium is Everywhere"

Jen Smito Gregory

"Tree of Life"

John Sorensen

"Waiting for a Title"

Lorraine Coté

"Where Have All the Trees and Bees Gone"

Stephen Elliott

"Woodbox with Beaver Stick"

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