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Marielle Simzer

"Bakea of the Autumn"

Marielle Simzer

Oil on stretched canvas. I am primarily a self-taught artist who has spent a lifetime loving and exploring art. I am inspired by beauty in all forms. Painting allows me an expression of that beauty and the joy it brings to me.

While predominantly an oil and palette knife painter with an impressionist style - the art I create is about combining all the layers of my life into something visceral and unique. My creative atelier often tests the boundaries of a traditional style of painting, always with depth and boldness and heavy textures. Earthy greens, sunshine yellow, deep blues, and unexpected little swoops of colour are the heart and soul of my paintings.

In "Bakea of the Autumn" I have painted what I know intimately - the love of nature and how everyday spent in the forest is a day of discovery. Parts of who we are change and so do the leaves. In autumn some become light and golden, others dark and brittle. Much like the leaves we need to learn to let go, to fall from great heights, and to find the beauty in it all. Leaves don't just fall - they detach, and swirl and they learn to dance. They trust in the wind to catch them, and to take them to new places. Their evolution is breathtaking. Ours can be too.

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