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The fine print: 

• The entrant’s name and the title of the work will be made available on a guide sheet. In addition, the entrant will be asked to provide an 8.5 x 11” page giving your name, the work’s title and medium, an artist’s statement about the work, and contact information if you wish to provide it. This information will be displayed in a binder accompanying the exhibition. • This is not a sales event; no prices will be posted. However, the entrant’s contact information may lead to a sale between the entrant and viewer. • The entrant recognizes while efforts will be made to keep the work safe, that the work will be displayed in a space that at times may be unguarded. The GAN is hereby released from liability for damage or loss of the work displayed including digital theft. It is the artist's responsibility to carry adequate insurance. • The entrant allows images of their work to be included in GAN promotional materials, social media, and/or website.

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