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Brian Donnelly

"Gananoque Ecotone"

Brian Donnelly

An ecotone is an in-between area, where different kinds of biological regions meet, mix, and transition into one another. Gananoque is one such area, where the relatively young, billion- year-old bedrock of the Frontenac Arch supports the flora and fauna of deciduous forests, rivers and wetlands, and of course urban, suburban, exurban, and rural areas for living and working.

A typical search of Google Maps would most likely involve looking for people, services, and businesses, or addresses on streets and highways across the region. The relatively treed areas would tend to serve as a background to such searches, information to overlook.

For this exhibition I have chosen instead to foreground the treed areas, many of which are right inside the Gananoque town limits, where they mix with developed properties and roadways. Indeed, seen from above, trees tend to dominate the landscape and even seem to push our settlements to the margins.

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