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Jody Pilon

"The Bully"

Textile Mixed Media, 20 x 20".

Jody Pilon

From the artist: "Many families have one - The Bully.

Babies are not born bullies. Circumstances beyond their control can create deep feelings of fear, shame, and anger and therefore, some people develop characteristics of a bully to cope.

A bullseye represents the idea that bullies often target the same people repeatedly.

The viewer can see a clump of chains in the centre of a bullseye. These chains represent the bondage a bully may feel.

As the bully targets various individuals, the chains are cast outward and can bind others within the bully's circle of influence (parents, siblings, children, spouse).

Some chains remain as fragments and scars.

Interpreting colours used in The Bully - there are 3 colours in the piece.

-Red representing rage, violence, temper
-Black representing anger, powerlessness
-Blue representing sadness, abandonment, worthlessness, aloneness.

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