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Our Studio

"When you put your hands in clay, there's an irresistible urge to create!"- Pat Lalonde

The GAN pottery studio was established in 2022 to provide the community with access to all aspects of this wonderful form of artistic expression.

We thank all the donors and volunteers who have made this studio into a fully equipped space for all to get their hands muddy! 

The GAN studio offers classes to all - from kids to seniors. Everyone is welcome. Experienced teachers are here to help you with every step in your creative journey.


GAN pottery programs, classes and workshops will introduce participants to various techniques and methods of working with clay or honing their existing skills. Have fun!  Registering is easy!

Our studio includes:

  • Six quiet, powerful wheels

  • One huge slab roller

  • One Extruder with multiple dies

  • Two Cone Art kilns with Bartlett controllers

  • A large hand building work surface

  • Two large plaster wedging surfaces

  •  Multiple shelves, bats and ware boards

  •  GAN caries cone six white clay, several glazes and underglazes


We have tools for your use while you are in the studio.
They must be cleaned and replaced at the end of each session

We look forward to you joining us. 

Learn more about skilled instructors,our classes and workshops and easily register for them!

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