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Our Team
Let's introduce our talented team

Anneke Schagen

My interest in clay comes from the pleasure I get from allowing myself to feel the earthiness of clay and bringing a creation to life. I have been introduced to work with clay as a medium to develop creativity. Under the guidance from Pat and Beatrice,  I become increasingly comfortable and familiar in finding my way with clay. 

Barb Bakker

Asleep at the Wheel Pottery by Barbara Bakker

When I am asked why I chose pottery, I have to confess it was because I was given a kiln. I had no clue what I was doing when I fired my very first piece.


In retrospect, I know I did almost everything wrong, but what came out of the kiln is still one of my very favourite pieces. I was hooked!


Béatrice Eberhard

Béatrice was certified as a ceramicist after a 5-Year study of ceramic art at the School of Art and Design in Bern. She worked in her own studio, and for many ceramicists all over Europe. Being co-head of a small pottery workshop for adults with various disabilities in the UK, taught her how to teach complex skill sets in the easiest way possible.

Béatrice is particularly fascinated by the connection of the ceramic material with all 4 elements: earth, water, air, and fire. She very much enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills at the Ganarts pottery.

Her work can be found on IG:



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