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A call for participation to all GAN visual artists to explore the theme of 




Fruition, life giving, cycles, roots, wood, connections, leaves, seasons, patterns… what does the concept of trees evoke in you?


Inspiring books: The Mother Tree, The Overstory, To Speak for the Trees, Greenwood…


This will be a small exhibition mounted in the GAN gallery, 167 King St. E. To be curated by the Exhibition Committee, the choices will be based on creating a varied exploration of the concept given the limited space. All media are encouraged.


Please send photos of your proposed submission to by Monday, October 24. 


Selected works will be requested to be dropped off on or before

Wednesday, November 2, 1pm. 


Artists will be aware that while efforts will be made to keep the work safe, it will be displayed in a space that may at times be unguarded. GAN is hereby released from liability for damage or loss of the work displayed. It is up to the artist to carry adequate insurance. 


As a not-for-profit organization, the gallery does not sell artists’ work. However, the provision of the artist’s contact information on the accompanying exhibition list may lead to sales directly with the interested viewer.







Sunday, November 5, 2022, 3pm 





Thank you to the artists who showed their work in our exhibition on Family. It was enjoyed by many people who came in to explore the space. Please pick up your piece on (or close to) noon, Wednesday, November 2.


While we're on the subject of trees...


You are invited to a concise lecture on this wide-branching topic.

We’ll be touching on:

• The magic of tree adaptations

• Tree-focused initiatives around town

• Gan’s Survivor Elm

• extending our appreciation in preparation for the upcoming Trees exhibition


Our speaker: Calder Schweitzer, biologist, Executive Director of the Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust, and GAN Insider


Wednesday, October 12, 2pm, at the GAN space, 167 King St. E. 


Admission is free; donations welcomed

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