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Interview with Martina Heinelt of Studio One

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Welcome to Issue One of Gan Arts Network's Taegannaire - where we spend weeks and weeks
considering, researching, brainstorming, and otherwise distilling down for public consumption the most burning hot, need-to-know NOW questions for our Studio Artists. And then Taegan, our social media person, asks them.

Martina Heinelt was kind enough to be my first victim WHOOPS I MEAN participant. We sat down together to have a chat over warm cocoa and biscuits. By which I mean, she got back to me by email.

1. When did you become interested in your current modality?

I’ve worked in mixed media for the last 15+ years but 3 years ago I really discovered oils. Prior to that they intimidated me because I didn’t understand colour theory very well or how to work with them. It took me a solid year of studying to really get the hang of them and now all of my mixed media works are finished with at least one if not several coats of oil paint.

2. Do you typically see everyday things/sights as art?

I do. I actually have a habit of picturing the scene that I’m looking at in different medias (i.e. graphite or watercolours). I don’t think I actually ever started doing this intentionally, it just kind of comes naturally to me especially when I feel inspired.

3. Do you have to be inspired to create? Or can you create any time?

I create on a schedule. I’m very un-artistic in that sense. I like having a plan and I like sticking to my plan. If inspiration comes while I’m in the studio that’s even better. Often I find the more time I schedule in and spend painting, the more inspiration shows up.

4. Who are your favourite artists? What draws you to their work?

Too many to even think of off the top of my head. I follow a lot of my favourite artists on IG. (@martinaheinelt)

5. Do you listen to anything while you’re creating? What gets you in “the zone”?

Hans Zimmer is my all time favourite artist. I listen to epic music and movie soundtracks when I paint as I find it’s the most upbeat and inspirational without too much context. It allows me to be loose in my interpretations of the music and I find it allows me to be more free with the work I create.

6. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Definitely not! A great sandwich takes a good 30 minutes of prep work whereas a hotdog is just fast food.

Join us next time, for the Taegannaire... where we will ask questions of artists, and hopefully have time to solve cold fusion, or maybe just the Grand Unified Theory. Black holes? You never know! ;)

GAN will be doing periodic, just-for-fun, get-to-know-you type questionnaires for our Studio members. Have a burning art question you'd like to ask of our members? Email us!

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