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Sheryl Pedersen

"I Need a Hug"

Yarn (crochet and embroidery).

Sheryl Pedersen

From the artist: “The restrictions of the Pandemic made it impossible to visit my family. I found it really challenging to not be able to spend time with my favorite people.

Most of all I missed the hugs from my beautiful granddaughters, Anna & Julia. There is nothing as heart warming as the loving hug of a child.

I created these 3D characters of my granddaughters to have something to hug when I was missing them. They are based on a digital drawing done by my talented daughter Jenni Evans, a multi media artist.

I have been working with yarn for over 50 years. After learning the basics of both knitting and crochet by following other people's patterns, I began to create my own designs. Instead of creating with pencils or paint, I love to work with yarn.

My favorite thing to do is to turn your idea or a child's work or art into a 3D toy or ornament. I would love to create something unique for you.”

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